Statement of Faith & Vision

Abbey Chapel’s Statement of Doctrine and Practice

(revised March 2022)

We believe in the Divine inspiration (God given), authority and completeness of Holy Scripture (the Bible) and here is a list of key beliefs of Abbey Chapel:

1. The unity of the Godhead with the distinction of three persons in that unity, namely God the Father, God the Son – Jesus and God the Holy Spirit to whom equal honour is due.

We believe that:

a. The Son of God, Jesus became man, being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.
b. Jesus’ death was a sacrifice to God and a propitiation (the act of gaining the favour of God) for the forgiveness of sin.
c. Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day.
d. Jesus ascended to the right hand of God and is now the all-sufficient High Priest of His people.
e. Jesus will come again to take all believers to Himself and to set up His Kingdom.

3. As a consequence of sin, (through the fall of Adam) humankind is “lost” (without hope) and is “an enemy of God”. Therefore we need of the work of the Holy Spirit to justify us (to be made right with God) and to sanctify us (to be made pure in God’s sight).

a. Justification (being made right with God) is by faith alone. Not works!
b. Everybody who is justified, that is made right with God is born of God or “born again”.
c. A person who is justified should lead a life of holiness and good works.

a. At human death the spirit of man/woman does not cease to exist or become unconscious.
b. The dead human will be raised either to life with God or to condemnation (away from God’s presence) and this state will continue for eternity.

We also believe that:

6. The local church should be free from the authority of any other Church or grouping of churches. Abbey Chapel is governed by its own Elders with Christ being the Head of the church.

7. Baptism by immersion is essential for those who personally confess faith in Jesus Christ and it demonstrates their commitment to living a changed life.

8. We should remember Christ’s death, by meeting together regularly to celebrate communion (the breaking of bread or the Lord’s Supper). All those who are walking by faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to take part.

9. Our meetings for worship, prayer and teaching should be conducted under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and that there should be an opportunity for believers to exercise the spiritual gifts to build up the church.

10. We believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.

11. Because God is unchanging He has not finished with Israel or the Jews and that the church has been grafted into, but not replaced Israel. As Gentiles (non-Jews) we have a responsibility to pray for Israel and to support them practically.

Vision for Abbey Chapel

(adopted November 2022)

  • To glorify God in all we do and say – Romans 15:5-6
  • To make Jesus known through the preaching and teaching of the Word – 2 Timothy 3:14-16
  • To serve the community in Tavistock through the power of the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8
  • To serve one another through the love that God gives each one of us – 2 Corinthians 9:12-15
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