We strongly uphold the tradition of Believer's Baptism, by total immersion, as an outward sign and confession of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and of the innter work of the Holy Spirit which has brought us to repentance.


We also encourage formal 'Membership' by those who regularly attend the Abbey Chapel. We believe formal membership is important (though not mandatory) for two important reasons.


  1. It formally brings members under the authority of the leaders. This enables the Elders, under the authority of Jesus Christ, to shepherd the flock with love and care. The Elders take seriously their responsibilities to disciple the members and encourage their spiritual growth. The emphasis is on ecouraging and nurturing the members to achieve their potential in Christ. on the very rare occasions when discipline is necessary, it is a confidential process undertaken solely in the interests of returning the member to a right standing before God.
  2. Membership formally brings us together as the Body of Christ in this place. If one part suffers, or is engaged in sinful behaviour, it impacts the whole body, and we need to take seriously our responsibilities to care for each other as part of the same Body.


All applicants for membership are interviewed individually by the Elders before being welcomed into the wider fellowship of believers.

Responsibilities of Members
We believe that membership is a two way responsibility.