Giving and Christian work we support

We do not 'take a collection' at Abbey Chapel, but a box is available for your gifts to the Lord. Many members and regular attenders give regularly by standing order, and we are pleased to accept Gift Aid declarations when possible so that we can recover tax paid.

We believe that regular giving is our responsibility to the Lord, and there is much Biblical precedent for this. We also believe that we are blessed by the Lord when we give to Him. However, while we are happy to discuss on a one-to-one basis what the Bible teaches on giving, we do not consider it appropriate to give specific direction to any individual on their level of giving, as this is a matter between each individual and the Lord.

As a fellowship we support, by monthly contribution, Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Catalyst (a local charity that funds Christian workers in local schools). We also sponsor three children through Compassion. In addition to this, we hold a 'special collection' six times a year, when all the money given on that day is passed to a Christian Charity. The schedule of charities is determined each year by the Elders and Deacons.

TEAR Fund   Barnabas Fund
Christian Friends of Israel   Operation Mobilisation
Compassion   The Bible Society
Shekinah Mission   Release
Open Doors   The Salvation Army
Live 58   Street Pastors

We also have a 'Live 58' box, and encourage people to use this for their sacrificial giving in accordance with our responsibilities laid down in Isaiah 58 to care for the needy in our society. Any money placed in the Live 58 Box is given to Christian Charities responding to urgent needs.