Children and Young People

Children of all ages are very welcome at Abbey Chapel. If you are visiting, please be assured that your children are welcome, and as long as they are under your supervision and not too disruptive, there is no need for you to take them out. Crying babies and over enthusiastic toddlers are not frowned upon!

Babies and infants usually stay in the family worship service, supervised by their parents. Quiet toys, books and crayons are available. If you are concerned that your infant is likely to be a distraction, you are welcome to use the foyer area, where a play mat and toys are available, and where a speaker is located and the service relayed.

Sunday School is provided for children aged 3 -13 years. Teaching is always Bible based, tailored to the age group, and includes plenty of fun activities. If you are visiting and your children are reluctant to leave you to go out to Sunday School, they are welcome to stay in the service with you and either listen with you, or quietly do some colouring. There are some tables to the side of the church which can be used for this purpose during the service.

From age 14 onwards we encourage young people to sit in the service with their parents.