Bookstall and Library

We have a library of Christian books, teaching CDs/DVDs and Christian film DVDs on bookshelves at the rear of the church that can be borrowed by members. If you wish to borrow an item, please record it, with your name and the date, in the book provided on the shelves, and also note when it is returned.

We also have a bookstall with Bibles and Christian Greeting Cards for all occasions, together with a small number of Christian books, worship CDs, DVDs and gifts, available for purchase at the rear of the church. This is a not-for-profit bookstall with an honesty box for your money. We have made this available to members as we realise that many find it difficult to get to a Christian Bookshop, especially our older members. Items are sourced from the Christian Bookshop in Launceston. Greeting Cards and Bibles are very popular, and we are happy to source other Christian Literature, CDs, DVD, and Gifts on request.

Follow these links to other online bookstores.

The Good Book Company


Christian Publishing & Outreach (CPO)